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Why have a fun casino at your wedding?

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

So you’re planning your wedding and thinking...why book a fun casino? It’s a good question. Let me give a few reasons, but first think about these questions.

When was the last wedding you went to? What can you remember about it? The couple....naturally!! Venue? Decoration? Lovely food? Brides beautiful dress? Essential for any wedding, but your guests may not remember them in much detail.

When people are having a fun time it’s something they’ll treasure as a special memory. Something they’ll talk about long after your wedding. They’ll reminisce and chuckle.

When those Facebook memories pop up on their timeline, they’ll share it to remind everyone.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons as to why a fun casino will be entertainment for you and your guests on your special day, creating those wonderful memories.

Icebreaker – most weddings have guests, family and friends, who’ve never met before. A fun casino gets people chatting, giving each other advice and tips across the table, having fun and helping to break the ice, ensuring everyone mixes and gets to know each other. This creates a great atmosphere with laughter and a little friendly competition.

Inactivity – while photos are being taken or when the breakfast meal has finished and you’re waiting for the evening reception guests to arrive a fun casino can bridge that gap. When greeting your evening guests there’s plenty of activity going lull, leaving you free to socialise without a worry. No one will be on their own, or constantly looking at their phones......

Then there’s perhaps a DJ or band but not everyone wants to or can dance.... It’s a great alternative that you’ve thought ahead and found other options for you and your guests.

We always stop when the cake is being cut and the bride and groom have their first dance.

Sure, we are an extra to your day, and know it’s not going to be for everyone but hope this has given you lots of ideas, and something to think about? What memories are you looking to leave your guests with?

So why not give us a call so we can chat about your new memories?

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