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We deal Caribbean Stud Poker at our fun casinos. It’s an easy to learn, fun game that everyone will enjoy. Our experienced croupiers will explain the game, and players play against the house so no previous poker experience is necessary.

A fast game with only one decision for you to make. If you believe your cards will beat the dealers you increase your bet. If not you fold and lose your ante.














Card Values 
Aces are high but can also be low for a straight. See table for hand ranks..

First Bet
Ante Bets are placed by players in the ante box


The dealer shuffles one pack of 52 cards and issues each player 5 cards face down. The dealer also gets 5 cards but the last one is dealt face up.


Fold or Raise 
Players look at their cards and must decide whether they should continue


To ‘Raise’ the player must place exactly twice their original bet on the raise box and should be done if the player believes they have a better hand than the dealers.


To ‘Fold’ the player places his cards face down on the raise box and should be done if the player does not believe they have a better hand than the dealers. The first ante bet is then lost.


Show down 
Once all players bets have made their decision the dealer turns over his other four cards and will arrange them to indicate the best dealer hand.


If the dealers hand does not have at least an Ace and King then the dealers hand is deemed to have folded and all players who made a raise bet are paid even money (the same amount at you bet) on their Ante bet ONLY. If the dealers hand contains Ace King or higher it is deemed to have played and the dealers hand is compared with each players. If the dealers hand is better than the players then both bets are lost. If the players hand is better than the dealers then the ante bet is paid evens and the raise is paid according to the following rates

One pair or less              


Two pairs                  


Three of a kind        






Full House                            


Four of a kind


Straight Flush


Ties Stand but are extremely rare.

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