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Choosing a theme for your event (Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Fundraiser and Corporate Events)

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

You’ve booked the date and venue for your wedding/birthday/anniversary, but the next question will probably be ....what style of event shall we have.....? Wow now that’s an open ended question isn’t it? The list truly boggles....!! Let’s concentrate solely on Weddings for our subject matter..... but it also applies to all events.

So where to start? I guess the main question is are you looking for a classic wedding, a romantic wedding, vintage, modern, whimsical, garden party, bohemian, tropical, Christmas/holiday, animal, travel, or a themed wedding or something completely different? It’s very important that brides and grooms visit lots of wedding shows and venues to get their own ideas, plus see what is available and take on board any suggestions – then go away and decide themselves.

This blog is geared towards having a themed wedding. How do you plan a themed wedding? Well it all depends to what extent you wish to commit to your chosen theme? If as a couple you have a passion....whether it a film, music, a book, a hobby you do together - a themed wedding is a great way to explore your creativity and treat your family and friends to a unique fun experience that expresses your personalities. Your guests are more likely to remember your wedding if you request they attend wearing costumes or include unusual styling and decorations on the day.

There are pros and cons for all’s great that you can get everyone involved to match your theme. A custom-made wedding can get your guests interacting as a particular fashion can lend itself to relevant games, traditions and formalities. For example....if you had a festival style wedding, you may want to include outdoor games, or entertainment to emphasise your festival trend. Remember you may need to spend time and energy looking for that particular hat or period costume to make your look come to life. Planning any wedding, but particularly a themed wedding, requires a little more time and energy, so for some, it may become a little stressful. It may be cost effective if you have a style that lends itself to D.I.Y. decorations, or wearing clothes you already own. If you had say a vintage wedding theme it may mean you can borrow accessories from family and even wear your grandma’s or mother’s pre-loved wedding dress.

Some of the cons – can be sourcing costumes, props and decorations. It can be costly but you can still have a themed wedding by incorporating touches of your decor here or there. Don’t forget your wedding should be fun! And yes this does include the planning stage. Incorporate your design as much or as little as you’d like into your wedding celebration. You don’t have to make every element of your wedding - themed....go big or little..... It’s your Wedding Day.

4 Aces Fun Casino have attended quite a few themed weddings....including Las Vegas, Disney, Star Wars, Halloween, and James Bond.... recently we’ve seen advertised Great Gatsby, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter themes too!!! So many exciting ideas to choose from, we love to join in the fun..... So what sort of decor would you like?

Get in touch and ask about our themed Wedding, Birthday, and Anniversary parties – call us on 07941 182953 or email for your quote.


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