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A Fun Casino for your Corporate Entertainment

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You’ve got the date in your diary for a corporate event, but now you looking for that single activity that’s going to appeal to all your employees and cover your event goals. You need to consider what your audience will want...


· Think about your budget.

· Do you want a space filler or 2-3 hours of entertainment?

· Is it for team building, to improve morale?

· A chance to relax and unwind?

· Create new relationships within the team?

Audience participation is very important for keeping and holding the attention of a corporate audience. Corporate entertainment doesn’t just give guests a good time – it lets your attendees sell your brand and the brand sell itself. Your corporate entertainment is designed to make your guests feel special – be they employees, suppliers, current clients or potential clients. When people are relaxed and happy, they are a lot more receptive to your company’s messages than when they are sitting in the boardroom.


There are so many different ideas for your corporate event....photobooths, escape room, circus magic, cooking classes, contests, themed parties, murder mysteries, scavenger hunt and many more.


Another alternative is a fun casino.


A fun casino can create a very unique atmosphere so whether you are organising a sales event, conference, product launch or an evening to reward your staff, a fun casino can help your clients, staff or guests socialise within a fun and interactive environment. It’s also a great way to inspire a spot of friendly competition between colleagues. There’s no better way to get people talking and this will be a great ice breaker for all staff or different departments that don’t have much to do with each other on a day to day basis. Depending on what type of party you’re holding, you could also fundraise at the same event. So much creativity and potential for your event.


A casino can take centre stage as the primary entertainment or could supplement a dinner, perhaps an auction? Experienced croupiers will entertain your guests and are happy to explain the rules to everyone, whether they’re first time players or just want to brush up on the rules. No money changes hands at a fun casino instead, guests are given fun money that they exchange for chips on the table. Guests are then free to play for the duration of the casino, with the aim being to have accumulated the most chips at the end of the event, with prize(s) for the evening’s highest rollers.


Whichever route you decide to go with your event you can have a lot of fun, whilst entertaining and creating a bond with your work colleagues. You can create a memorable experience or a corporate day out of the office.


If you’d like more information, please get in touch either via our website or email us or call Peter on 07941 182953

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