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It’s a kind of Magic – Magic - Magic

As a very busy wedding/party entertainment supplier 4 Aces Fun Casino are very lucky to work alongside some fabulous people. In our latest blog we’d like to chat about - Magicians

Whatever your event, entertaining your guests can be something people worry about. Magic is a great form of entertainment for any wedding or party as it’s very versatile and perfect for a mixed family audience. I'm sure you’ll agree that most people have seen magic on TV, but seeing magic performed ‘live’ is a novelty for the majority of people and this will make your wedding day or party so memorable.

A close-up magician will make their way around your guests. They’ll go to guests either seated at tables or standing in small groups, then entertain by performing with cards, or amaze with sleight of hand. It’s a great way for groups of guests who don’t know each other, to come together and get everyone talking. Often guests chat together afterwards trying to work out how the magic trick was performed.

Another great benefit with close-up magic is that it can fit into any part of your wedding day or party. There are times when, for your guests, there is less going on. A magician can be making their way around the guests turning that time into a highlight. If there are small lapses at your event, a magician can perhaps entertain….which of the ones below would suit your day?

· When guests are arriving at a reception.

· While formal group photographs are being taken.

· While your guests are waiting for the meal to start.

· Between the courses of the meal (especially if there are a lot of guests to cater for).

· Between daytime and evening functions.

Do get to know your chosen magician. Talk with them beforehand, maybe go to a wedding fair to see them in action. Ask lots of questions about the way they work and what in their experience goes well on a wedding day or party. Utilise their experience and make your event extra special after all, if you like them your guests will like them too.

Norfolk has some amazing wedding and party magicians. Check out the details of 4 very popular local magicians…all contact details are included within their introduction……

Edd Crafer

Is an Award Winning Magician, has specialised in entertainment for weddings, corporate events and private parties for over 20 years, and has proudly established himself as a well-known performer.

He provides a high standard of magic and entertainment, treating every performance with endless enthusiasm and energy to ensure that everyone feels the excitement and experiences the magic. Since his early childhood, Edd's life has been dedicated to entertaining and amazing people with the art of magical deceptions, and in 2007 Edd was awarded the title "Member Of The Magic Circle", one of the most prestigious awards for any professional magician.

Edd has had the honour of performing his magic at many stunning venues for countless special occasions, including his illusion act on-board the 'Pont-Aven' ship for Brittany Ferries, and has also had the pleasure of working alongside various famous celebrities from the world of theatre, television, radio presenting and some of Great Britain's top comedy legends.

Blending quick-witted comedy with his unique style of amazing magical routines and interaction with your important guests, Edd will provide a first class performance suitable for everybody, and will entertain, astound and leave your guests utterly amazed. His impressive versatility makes him the perfect choice for your occasion, bringing his special charm and touch of magic to every event. You can reach Edd by clicking here for his website or email where there are links to all his social media.

Sean Goodman

Is a full time professional magician specialising in providing magical entertainment for weddings.

As an Associate of the INNER Magic Circle, his magic is unique and of the highest quality. Indeed, I was invited to lecture at the Magic Circle which was an honour, and have also created numerous magical effects which have been sold to magicians worldwide - no other current magician in Norfolk has achieved these things.

Having been a professional magician for some 28 years, I have fine-tuned my act specifically for weddings. It’s not just about the magic, it’s about how you make people feel and I take great pride in my ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable. There are no cheesy lines - no embarrassing put down comments, just the finest quality magic delivered in a chilled out and respectful manner.

I offer a variety of different packages which all include custom printed playing cards (with a photo of the Bride and Groom) to hand out as magical mementos. Other options also include the production of a bespoke video and a personalised performance for the Bride and Groom.

For more information check out my website or email where there are also links to various Social Media channels too.

Nick Twist

Weddings are typically long days. Many couples realise this and worry that their guests could tire or get bored. My aim is to ensure that the guest experience is as good as it gets.

Acting as an icebreaker, my magical routines are engineered to be interactive, fun and memorable. When couples are busy having photos or chatting with family and friends, I act as their host - bringing people together and creating a feel-good factor.

How do I do this? I present my multi award-winning sleight of hand magic to generate amazement, laughter and fun. Imagine having a coin vanish from your own hand, a card you just thought of appearing in my wallet, a fork bending by mysterious forces, right in front of your eyes! These moments are special for your guests. And since people rarely (if ever) see a magician up close, they are long-lasting, positive memories of your wedding day.

People will and do talk about it for weeks and months after your special day. But I’m different to the other magicians! I noticed early on in my wedding career that we typically have guests of all ages at weddings. I wanted to specialise my service so that I could entertain from 3 years old to 103! Many magicians say that they do this, but they don't really think about it! I pride myself on being a specialist family wedding magician.

Not only do I present my magic, but I twist balloon art sculptures for the children (and of the course, the big kids!).

I combine multiple balloons and LED lights to create beautiful models to astound the children. With balloons ranging from princesses, mermaids, unicorns, cartoon characters, Star Wars figures, Minions and aliens with flashing space suits, it is sure that every aged guest goes home with long lasting memories. to find the links for all social media or email

Mark Daynes

Mark's performances will help your guests feel at ease as close up magic is wonderful fun for any age.

Mark's magic will leave your guests with a smile on their faces, amazed and thinking for days. There is no other entertainment like it. Your guests can experience amazing magic right before their eyes that they previously thought was only possible on TV.

Imagine handing Mark a £10 note and seeing it vanish in front of your eyes only to reappear in an envelope held at all times by one of your guests! (apart from one time it went astray and reappeared up her sleeve).

Imagine only thinking of a playing card only to find it has vanished from the pack and is in your pocket! These are just a couple of the effects Mark may perform. Magic can enhance any event and really bring out the excitement in your guests giving them an evening to remember forever.

Mark is constantly working on his effects and polishing his close-up act to ensure maximum audience satisfaction. Mark has over 20 years’ experience in performing, gaining experience from all types of audiences and venues. Mark's close up magic is totally amazing and suitable for all ages young and old and all types of occasions.

Website to find all social media links or email


If you’d like to recommend any of your favourite magicians do get in touch so that we can add them to our lists. 4 Aces Fun Casino hopes our list of suggestions points you in the right direction…. Happy Planning…..


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