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How to incorporate a Fun Casino into ANY event

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

So you’ve decided to host a party? Maybe it will be for a wedding reception, a birthday or anniversary, a charity fundraiser, corporate event, or just let’s have a party for no reason at all? You’re thinking there going to be a theme or is it linked into any of the above events? Well Fun Casinos are great for ANY audience as the games themselves are universally recognised. But how does it all work?

Here we share with some great ways to incorporate a ‘Fun Casino’ into your event. After working out the best times you’d like your casino to start and finish it’s important to think about the type of casino you’d like.....

For example you could have a Just for the Fun of it Casino’ a ‘Play for a Prize Casino’ or a ‘Play and Raise Money for a Charity Casino.’

Just for the Fun of It......

This is the simplest of the casino nights and it allows people to experience different casino games they may never have tried before, which can include Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, and Poker.

Guests are given a stack of chips at whichever casino table and can start to play (the croupiers will explain the game to those who have not played before and offer tips to those who have.) If the player is winning they can stay at the table and continue to play, or if they wish to move to another table the player can simply cash in the chips and receive a receipt to the value of their playing chips and go to another table, where it will be exchanged for chips at the same value.

Play for a Prize

Guests are given fun money to play with and take it to the casino table to be exchanged for chips. The main difference is that because a prize is involved if a person loses all of their playing chips and all of their fun money then they are out of the game. Generally the tables are open for around 2-3 hours and at the end of the allocated time all the players cash in to find out who is the high roller of the evening.

Play and Raise Money for a Charity

‘Fun Casinos’ are one of the best ways to raise funds for a charity as part of a charity gala ball or dinner. Due to licensing laws it is illegal to use real money as payment at the tables or as winnings at a fun casino, so as an alternative you can raise funds by asking for donations at a separate table. For each donation to the charity, the guest will receive some ‘fun money’ in return. If the guest requires more ‘fun money’ they can make another donation at a separate table. As far as the fun casino goes the same rules apply as play for a prize, except the croupiers make a note of who has the most chips and accordingly awards the prize to that person.

Themed Parties

A Fun Casino also works very well alongside a James Bond evening, Las Vegas party, Hollywood Glitz and Glamour, Roaring 20’s, Great Gatsby, Awards Evening and so much more.....

Other events where a Fun Casino is great entertainment are Charity Nights, Fundraisers, Staff Parties, Presentation/Awards Evenings, Team Building, Birthdays, Anniversaries and so many more. As you can see a Fun Casino can work for ALL types of matter how large or small. Why not contact us to ask how we can tailor a Fun Casino into your event...?.Call Peter on 07941 182953 or email


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