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Fundraising with a Fun Casino

So you’ve decided to have a fundraiser....the main questions you need to think about are:

· Why do you need to fundraise?

· What will you do with the money you raise?

· How much will you need?

· How are you going to fundraise?

As you decide on the above bullet points, you’ll be looking for ideas on how to fundraise. There are so many options to choose from so let us narrow it down a little. You can have a silent auction, charity match, fashion show, casino night, quizzes, host a talent show, murder mystery night and so many more. Hiring a fun casino can be a very successful tool for helping you raise money from your charity, association or club. It combines fun and competition into a winning formula for raising money throughout a fundraising event.

Once you’ve decided on how you want your evening to work, we go through the different ways to make money on the night.

Ticket sales are the first way to generate money for your event. Perhaps you’d like the guests to dress up for a glamorous evening, so that you can ask for a higher ticket price, or a themed party like James Bond, or Las Vegas. You can ask for sponsorship for each table, chat to businesses and ask them to take part. Ask local businesses to donate prizes too. Then there is the sale of fun money – You can give guests a free coupon for some chips to start as part of the ticket price or sell the fun notes from the start. During the evening, we can also sell individual numbers on a roulette wheel (0-36) and have a spin of the wheel to determine the winner of a prize. We can provide customised fun money for your event to remind guests they are playing for a cause.

We do recommend that prizes are not just bottles of wine or whiskey etc. Would you want to spend £20 just to win a bottle of wine?? Remember you’re asking your guests to play for a prize, so that prize must be something that they want to win. For example an iPad, Spa day, meal for 2, signed football shirt, an Amazon Echo, Kindle, Gift card, Beauty Set, Box Chocolates. Of course these are just a few good, one middle range and lower range prize are often good enough, but we would say, at least 3 prizes. The more donated prizes, the better.

4 Aces Fun Casino, also include a giant ‘Play Your Cards Right’ game free of charge, to help you raise even more money. It’s very easy to learn and lots of fun. The player puts a £1 in the pot, then guess if the cards will be higher or lower. If they get to the end, they win a bottle of wine or box of chocs (good game good game).

4 Aces Fun Casino, go out of their way, to make your event a success and make as much money for your fundraiser as possible. We’ll share our fundraising ideas pack and work together to make your event a success. So give us a call or email requesting more information or ask for our pack.

Contact Peter on 07941 182953 or email


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