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Do guy's go to wedding fairs?

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Wedding fairs are no longer just for brides. Surprised? More and more guys are getting involved realising that there are some serious perks in attending. While the bride still takes the lead in 59% of cases, according to a survey by You & Your Wedding, more than a third (36%) of weddings are now planned jointly by both bride and groom. It’s a nice way for the 2 of you to get excited about your big day. Most importantly it’s about you as a couple, choosing the things that are important to both of you.

Wedding fairs are typically made up of stands that showcase local companies and vendors trying to give you lots of great ideas that you may not have thought about. For example it’s important as a couple to choose your photographer, also to find a venue that you both love, and then build relationships with all the people who will help to make your day extra special.

What can a groom get out of a wedding fair?

Don’t go thinking that it’s all for the girls!!! Of course there are lots of dresses and accessories, but you will also find men’s outfitters who will be able to sort out the groom and best man for their wedding suits. There are also beauty and spa treatments, hairdressers, accessories, venues etc but there are other extras that make your day. Think about the entertainment during the course of your wedding you want a rockband, singer or DJ? Chocolate fountain, sweeties, or an ice cream cart? For guests that can’t dance, how about a fun casino to provide an icebreaker for your guests? Stag do companies also attend these fairs to advertise lots of different parties. There are travel agents that specialise in honeymoons and maybe even stag and hen parties.... Many wedding fairs these days have areas where you can sit and chat over a coffee to see what you like or don’t like. Have even heard of some wedding fairs that have an area for the groom so he can watch tv while waiting for the ladies to browse...

So to finish we hope we’ve given you some thoughts about understanding the wedding fair scene...there will be times when it will be a “girls” only visit but as a couple it’s an exciting journey to see what’s on offer. Maybe we’ll meet up at a fair in the near future and you mention you’ve seen this article? If you have, then be cheeky and ask for a discount for your fun casino....

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